After obtaining my MFT degree, I took a job in an inner-city Methadone clinic, an invaluable experience which inspired me to seek alcohol and drug certification/licensure. Five years later, I transferred to residential treatment with the same organization, in order to gain experience in that venue. At the same time, I began a part-time private practice, which became full-time in 2001. My clients are children, adolescents and adults of any and all ages presenting with issues around depression, anxiety, family/marital/divorce and custody, PTSD, grief, life transitions, school/work, codependency and addictions. I have a special interest in the effect of childhood sexual trauma on adult illnesses such as arthritis, MS and Fibromyalgia My approach is spiritual and supportive, in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere of unconditional acceptance. My hope is to assist people along their path in life, leading to greater inner happiness and fulfillment, empowering them to change in whatever way they feel they need to change, in order to reach their goals.

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Maureen L. Cassidy, M.S., LMFT, LADC